What We Do​​

At Grenada Coral Reef Foundation we work together with local communities to establish and maintain coral nurseries. Our membership comprises of passionate marine biologist, conservationist and entrepreneurs all of whom are dedicated to supporting and promoting the conservation and restoration of the marine environment. We work with other non-profit organizations, in Grenada and the wide Eastern Caribbean to implement initiatives to reduce local reef threats from land and sea (i.e. the Ridge to Reef Approach). 

Management & TrainiNG

  • Development of management & zoning plans for Marine Protected Areas (MPA).

  • MPA staff training & development.


  • Development & implementation of water quality monitoring programs for MPA.

  • Socioeconomic Monitoring of Coastal Communities.


  • Establishment & Maintenance of coral nurseries, i.e collecting & out-planting endangered species of coral to restore coral reef ecosystems. 

EDUCATION & Research

  • Teach community volunteers about coral identification, data collection, & transplantation procedures while also increasing public awareness & education.

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