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Project Details

Project Title: Community-led Coral Reef Restoration in Petite Martinique, Grenada

Project Description:

The Grenada Coral Reef Foundation (GCRF) together with the Martinique Woman’s  Organization and Grenada Fisheries Division implemented a project aims to restore and rehabilitate degraded coral reefs within the coastal areas surrounding Petite Martinique through the establishment of a coral nursery. The nursery were be populated with corals fragments from phenotypically resilient wild colonies and from colonies in existing coral nurseries in Grenada. These coral fragments were then be acclimatized and grown in nurseries using coral nursery trees and Biorock artificial reef.


The nursery were be constructed and maintained by community stakeholders led by the Petite Martinique Women in Action Group. The mature fragments were out-planted onto degraded coastal reefs.

Project Period:

April 2021 –  Dec 2021


The Project was funded by the Australia  Embassy, Trinidad

Project Photos

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