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Project Details

Project Title: Improving gender equality and capacity of coral restoration practitioners in Gouyave, Grenada

Project Description:

In 2019, a community based environmental youth group was created under the auspices of the Grenada Coral reef Foundation (GCRF). This youth group have been working at the community level (i.e. in Gouyave) to develop a coral rehabilitation project aimed at restoring the degraded coral reefs adjacent to their community since.


In 2022, GCRF with support from the French Embassy in St. Lucia, implemented a project  designed to provide female members of the environmental youth group with the opportunity to expand their capacity and knowledge base to include other/novel methods of coral restoration to enhance the coral restoration project on the reefs off Gouyave. More specifically, members of the group participated in a learning exchange where they learnt new/innovative coral restoration methods from  L’ASSO-MER who has been successfully pioneering these methologies on the island of Martinique. These new methodologies will be implemented at the GCRF coral restoration site off the coast of Gouyave upon return to Grenada. Based on the success of the project in Martinique, it is anticipated that the introduction of these new methodologies will significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of the restoration project off the coast of Gouyave, Grenada.

Project Period:



The Project was funded by the French Embassy, St. Lucia

Project Photos

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